Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kai Patterson Gets A Second Distribution Of His $65.5 Million Project Child Support Television Deal

Immediate Release:  A pending agreement is being prepared that will increase the existing deal to over $98 Million before bonuses.

Last week, Kai Patterson received confirmation from his attorney that his $65,520,000 television deal had been executed to profile special child support cases for his Project Child Support initiative.  The $65.5 million initial deal with a second distribution will make Kai Patterson among the highest paid television series stars in the world, before any ratings bonuses.  Although sitcom stars among the highest paid, and Patterson's show is not a sitcom, Patterson’s deal would put him 18th on the   highest paid sitcom stars  for 2015 - 2016 if it were.  Unlike most television stars and those on the list below, Patterson will also own his series, which enables him to be fully compensated for each redistribution of the series.  "I would not even consider a deal where I would not own  the series produced on my own company.  Since our show will discuss real cases, we needed to control the content to maintain client privileges and to ensure proprietary information that may jeopardize cases would not be divulged," says Kai Patterson.

Highest Paid Stars Annually In A Similar Genre  (2015 – 2016)

Kai Patterson’s current deal put’s him between 6th and 7th place on the list of the highest paid stars within his genre, provided above by ''. Patterson was notified an additional deal is forthcoming.  The pending deal would increase his total deal to $98,280,000 over 5 years, before any ratings bonuses.  The additional deal would pay Kai Patterson an average of $19,656,000 per year before bonuses; making him the 3rd highest paid star on the above list. “Being anywhere on this list is a dream come true.  I am not counting the additional deal, until it is inked and signed of by all parties.  The additional agreement is being prepared and will be reviewed by my entertainment attorney.  What is great about the existing contract and the additional agreement are the payments are guaranteed, says Patterson.

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