Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kai Patterson Is Hiring A Selected Teams For Project Child Support’s $65.5 Million Television Series Deal

Immediate Release: The Team Includes Advocates That Are Family Law Attorneys, Fugitive Recovery Agents, And Parents With Child Support Collection As Well As Payment Challenges.

Project Child Support will be issuing the contracts to each of the cast and staff members to support its recently announced television series that was confirmed by the company's attorney.  The staff members consist of a family law attorney with 16 years of legal experience, fugitive recovery agents, private investigators, legal assistants, and advocates consisting of custodial and noncustodial parents with child support cases.  "I could not have picked a better team for television.  Not only do they have the perfect backgrounds to effectively service our clients and discuss the issues related to child support, but they are very attractive looking people with varied ethnicities.   They almost look too good to believe they are nothing more than gorgeous and handsome actors.  Even the owner of the collection agency we contract for asset seizures is considerable handsome, and they will all undoubtedly have a huge fanbase," says Kai Patterson, who is the owner and founder of Project Child Support.

Project Child Support has spent the past several months pulling together the capital to cover the additional production costs.  The company will be moving to a new facility to support the operation and series.  Once the move has been completed, the company will issue a release of the staff members who will appear the series.  The team is prepared to make enormous sacrifices to help parents with their child support dilemmas, and then prepare each case for presentation on the show. The hours are going to be long and grueling, but the public will learn the actions they need to take to remedy their circumstances from the series. In addition to the staff members' substantial base salaries, those in the series will receive an additional $100,000 annually, before any ratings increases. Should someone not be able to perform as required, they will be replaced by staff members working behind the scene, or a newly hired competent staff member.  "I did not hold casting calls for the series, because when we are not in front of the cameras we need to service our clients effectively.  I needed to hire people with the necessary backgrounds and experiences to meet our clines' demands.  I did not want people who were seeking the fame of television, but people were motivated by making a difference in children's lives," says Patterson.

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