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Kai Patterson Says His $65 Million Television Deal Is Attributed To His Late Mother, Who Raised Him As A Single Parent

Immediate Release:  A Special Tribute To Kai Patterson's Mother Will Be Included Premier Episode. 

Kai Patterson and His Mother
Recently, Project Child Support announced that Kai Patterson and the company received a $65 Million Television Deal that profiles selected child support cases related to the dilemmas that mothers and fathers face in America.
Although he has no children, Patterson was raised by a single parent mother, who never received child support from his father.  Project Child Support and the Custodial Support Foundation were created by Kai Patterson in honor of his mother to assist custodial and noncustodial parents with child support dilemmas.

Douglas and Harrison Apartments
Long before the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992  that provides legislation to enforcement the payment of child support, Kai Patterson's mother, Brenda Patterson, who later remarried and became Brenda West, struggled to make ends meet without any child support from Patterson's father. Patterson was born in the Grand St. Projects in Paterson, NJ and his mother moved to Newark, NJ when Patterson was 2-year-old. For years his mother struggled financially while raising him in the central and south wards of Newark.  "I was fortunate that both sets of my grandparents allowed me to stay with them during the weekends and summer months, which enabled me to experience living in marital households.  Staying with my grandparents also provided a relief from the threat of crime I experienced as a child.  My mother's struggle has enabled me to have an intense understanding of the struggle of being a single parent, which I vowed never to be, or be responsible for causing a woman to become, says Patterson.

Carmel Towers
Patterson spent most of his early childhood years living in the Douglas and Harrison Apartment, which was located in the Central Ward of Newark, NJ. The apartment complex sat in the center of several crime infested, and low income housing projects, which were known as Stella WrightScudder HomesHayes HomesHill Manor, and Brick Towers. Eventually each housing unit was closed and turndown.  When Patterson was 11-years-old, his mother moved to Carmel Towers, which was located in the South Ward of Newark.  When Patterson went away to college at Hampton University, his mother remarried and moved out of Newark.  "I was happy that my mother finally met the man of her dreams, and was able to live the life she always wished we could live," says Patterson.  Recently, Carmel Towers closed, it became a crime infested building.

In 2007, Patterson mother passed away, and the television series will enable the initiative to provide additional services for parents with child support challenges.  "I only wish she were alive to see what her sacrifices have motivated me to create in her honor, and the single parents across the nation with child support dilemmas.  When I created the initiative, I had no idea I would receive a television opportunity of this magnitude.  With the number of children being born out of wedlock, and the divorce rate, unpaid child support is at an all-time high, and exceeds over $100 billion.  We had an agreement between us that I would never have a child with a women and not marry that woman.  I have honored our agreement, and to this day I don't have any children.  I must say that it does bother me that did not have the right person in my life to give her a grandchild before she passed away.  Perhaps that is also why I am so passionate about helping children." says Patterson.

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