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Noncustodial Parent Changed His Name to Avoid Paying Child Support, But Continued Getting Arrested!

Custodial Parent is Granted Enforcement Order to Seize and Liquidate the Noncustodial Parent's Assets, and Additional Enforcement Actions Are Forthcoming.

Kyle P. Bolger Changed His Name to Zac Bolger and Continued Getting Arrested!
On September 28, 2012, the Middlesex County Superior Court issued a Child Support Enforcement Order against Kyle P. Bolger in the amount of $52,581.15 with all fees and arrears, for the nonpayment of child support for more than 20 years.  The Enforcement Order enabled Ms. Bolger to have her child's father's assets seized and liquidated to pay her arrears.  Ms. Bolger contacted Project Child Support in May of 2012 to locate Mr. Bolger, and to collect her arrears to help pay her son's college tuition.  The Custodial Support Foundation and Bounty Alert launched an investigation, which located Kyle Bolger, and uncovered that he changed his name to "Zac Bolger" to avoid paying child support.  The investigation uncovered Mr. Bolger's problems with the law in the State of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas in the names of Kyle Bolger and Zac Bolger.

When the Motion was filed to obtain the Enforcement Order, Mr. Bolger owed $41,501.05 in child support arrears.  His child support order was issued in 1992, and only required that he pay $52.00 per week in child support.  To avoid paying anything, he fled the State of New Jersey and never looked back.  Coincidently, the Child Support Recovery Act was signed into law the same year he is was issued his child support order.  Under the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992, it is a federal crime to flee a state to prevent paying child support, and owe more than $10,000 in arrears for more than two (2) years.  In addition to his assets being seized and liquidated to pay his arrears, Mr. Bolger may be facing other enforcement actions.  The investigation has also confirmed that Mr. Bolger has not filed taxes since his order was issued to prevent being located, and has no documented income.  

Believing he was in the clear from facing any future child support enforcement actions, because his son is 20 years old, Mr. Bolger also posted his name change on his Facebook profile.  Not only did Kyle Bolger change his name, and create a Facebook profile, he posted "changed my name from kyle bolger" on his profile (See: Red Arrow Below).  Mr. Bolger's new Facebook profile picture shows him wearing shaded glasses, and loving a dog.  It's a shame he loves a dog more than his own son, who is his flesh and blood.  Perhaps he thinks the shades and the name change will enable him to hide his true identity.  Too many noncustodial parents believe they no longer owe their child support arrears once their child reaches the age of 18 year.  Not only do they owe the arrears, but if their child attends college and remains a fulltime student, the child support obligation continues until the child is 23 years old.  A Child Support Enforcement Order is not a dairy product like milk, eggs or cheese.  They do not expire or have a statute of limitation, and they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  A custodial parent can also seek enforcement actions years after the Enforcement Order is granted.  

Any custodial parent who is owed child support or spousal support arrears can obtain Enforcement Order, and the collection services of the Custodial Support Foundation's 24-hour call center by calling (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357.

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Phone: (201) 800-1911
Alexandria Stremler, Esq.
Legal Advisor
Phone: (201) 838-2375

Project Child Support at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357
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Custodial Parent Collects $11,000 in Arrears through the Services of the Custodial Support Foundation and Bounty Alert, While the Noncustodial Parent is Arrested.

Collection services will continue to seize and liquidate the noncustodial parent's assets!  

For: Immediate Release
Another Custodial Parent Can Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Custodial Support Foundation and Bounty Alert team up to form Project Child Support.
Last year, single mother Ms. E.J. of Newark, New Jersey received a Child Support Enforcement Order to collect the child support, in addition to spousal arrears owed to her and her daughter.  Struggling to barely pay her bills on a single income, she invested all of her savings in legal fees to obtain the Enforcement Order at the advice of her previous attorney. The original Motion prepared and filed by her previous attorney to obtain the Enforcement Order, did not include provisions for collection fees.  The collection fees would have enabled a collection agency to be paid to collect her arrears, without taking any portion of her arrears as payment, since the Office of Child Support Enforcement was unable to locate the noncustodial parent.  The Motion did not include any provisions to have an arrest warrant issued if the noncustodial parent failed to comply with the payment terms of the Enforcement Order, even though the noncustodial parent had never made a payment in eight (8) years.  The Motion did include $14,302 in additional legal fees, which E.J. paid even though she was unable to collect any arrears or legal fees. 
"The initial Enforcement Order she was granted, is the typical Order granted to many custodial parents, which do not prevent noncustodial parents from taking advantage of the collection loopholes within them", says Founder Kai Patterson.  The noncustodial parent of E.J.'s child fled the State of New Jersey, as well as started his own business to avoid paying child and spousal support ordered by the court.  Leaving the a state to avoid paying child support is a federal crime under the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992.  The original Child Support Enforcement Order granted in 2011 by the Essex County Judge to E.J. was in the amount $121,935.  The noncustodial parent did not attend the court appearance to contest the original Enforcement Order obtained through E.J.'s previous attorney.  E.J. was later referred to the Custodial Support Foundation to assist in the collection of her arrears, by her brother who hosted a child support workshop in Irvington, New Jersey for the organization.
New Enforcement Order  
Upon enrolling into Project Child Support's Collection Program, an investigation was conducted to determine the location and assets of the noncustodial parent.  "We were able to acquire a sponsor to pay the nominal subscription fee of $60 per month, because she was facing an eviction and needed financial assistance". "There is no way I was going to make the custodial parent pay for the cost of our services after her brother hosted a child support workshop for our Foundation".  "The investigative reports we obtain on noncustodial parents, enable us to locate and liquidate their assets to pay all support arrears, as well as all fees" said Patterson. 

"The investigative reports we obtain on noncustodial parents, enable us to locate and liquidate their assets to pay all support arrears, as well as all fees" said Patterson.  In the Motion that was prepared for the new Enforcement Order, the Foundation's attorney requested all fees be paid by the noncustodial parent, and added a 10% collection agency fee.  "The collection agency fee enables the custodial parent to receive all of her arrears, and the collection services of our collection agency, at no additional cost", said Patterson.  The Motion also requested an arrest warrant be issued against the noncustodial parent, if all fees were not paid within two (2) weeks of the Enforcement Order being granted by the court.  The Judge agreed with the requests and granted the Enforcement Order. 
The Motion also requested $3,500 in apprehension fees to contract a fugitive recovery agent ("Bounty Hunter"), to arrest the noncustodial parent and extradite him to New Jersey, only if an arrest warrant was issued.  The arrest warrant together with fugitive recovery fees, enables noncustodial parents to be apprehended in any state and most U.S. territories.  Once the noncustodial parent had been located, and read a copy of the motion he was served, he realized he could no longer take advantage of the loopholes in the child support collection process.  "Since Bounty Alert has contracts with forty three (43) fugitive recovery agencies to hunt down and apprehend noncustodial parents, Project Child Support gives Judges the ability to arrest noncustodial parents in other states who fail to pay their arrears", said Patterson.  After receiving a copy of the Motion filed with the Superior Court of New Jersey, the noncustodial parent immediately retained an attorney, who appeared with him to argue against the Motion. 
At the hearing, the Judge immediately arrested the noncustodial parent without waiting two weeks as requested in the Enforcement Order.  The noncustodial parent was placed in holding at the Essex County Jail in Kearney, New Jersey.  The Enforcement Order was granted and $11,000 was immediately seized and paid towards E.J.'s arrears.  Steps are now being taken to seize the noncustodial parents’ assets should he not pay the remaining arrears by December 6, 2012, which is the date he is required to reappear before an Essex County Judge.  E.J. is one of several custodial parents who have enrolled into Project Child Support's Collection Program.  The Custodial Support Foundation provides legal and educational services, and Bounty Alert provides investigative, collection and apprehension services for parents with child support problems.  Bounty Alert also creates profiles and disseminates alerts of fugitives with warrants.    
Media Contact Information:
Kai D. Patterson
Phone: (201) 800-1911
Alexandria Stremler, Esq.
Chairman and Legal Analyst
Phone: (201) 838-2375
The Custodial Support Foundation at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4375
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

C-Team Investigations Team Up with Project Child Support to Provide Child Support Enforcement Services and to Apprehend Deadbeat Parents

Fugitive Recovery Agencies Can Now Offer Child Support Enforcement Services

Breaking News:       
   ·  Noncustodial parents are being hunted down and apprehended
   ·  Fugitive's profiles are loaded in Bounty Alert's Fugitive Network
   ·  Watch Episode 6 of the Custodial Support Forum

 Child Support Enforcement Services
Project Child Support's Collection Program provides custodial parents with the most comprehensive child support collection services, when the Office of Child Support Enforcement cannot collect child support and spousal support arrears. To assist custodial parents who are owed arrears in obtaining Child Support Enforcement Orders, C-Team Investigations now provides a Child Support Assistance and Enforcement Program through the Custodial Support Foundation's services.   

Parents who are owed arrears, can subscribe to Collection Program to obtain investigative services, legal services, collection services and apprehension services.
Fees for Fugitive Recovery Agencies

The Child Support Enforcement Orders obtained by the Custodial Support Foundation, which C-Team Investigations was contracted to provide apprehension services, require the noncustodial parents to be responsible for paying up to $3,500 for their own apprehensions. The fees are awarded to all fugitive recovery agencies through Enforcement Orders, should noncustodial parents fail to pay all of their arrears and fees awarded within two (2) week after the orders are granted by the court (See: Page 2 Paragraph 3d). Fugitive recovery agents, who are also known as bounty hunter, can travel across state lines to apprehend fugitives. A noncustodial parent who owes arrears, can no longer move to another state to avoid their obligation, once enforcement orders provide fugitive recovery apprehension services and fees. The Enforcement Orders also enable noncustodial parents assets to be seized and liquidated to pay their arrears, service fees and apprehension fees.

About C-Team Investigations

Apprehension services are provided by C-Team Investigations for noncustodial parents who refuses to comply with Child Support Enforcement Order payment requirements, for C-Team Investigations' subscriptions. C-Team Investigations is a licensed Private Investigations and Fugitive Recovery Agency, whose fugitive recovery agents are armed to deal with violent fugitives in addition to noncustodial parents with child support warrants. The company was founded by John Edgecombe, who is the CEO and retired New York City Police Officer. "We don't carry paint guns like some bounty hunters on reality television shows". "Our agents are all licensed to carry fire arms, are excellent marksmen and can take down hardened fugitives". "We will hunt down noncustodial parents who have arrest warrants for failing to pay their child support arrears". "If you owe child support, I suggest you start taking care of your children, or we may be paying you a visit, said Mr. Edgecombe". In July of 2012, C-Team Investigations Agent Karl Ryans appeared as a guest on the Custodial Support Forum, which is the Nation's first weekly talk show that deals with the problems and solutions exclusively related to child support.
Mobile Phone Alerts & Rewards

Once an arrest warrant is issued, noncustodial parents' profiles are loaded into Bounty Alert's database, which may be made available to the general public to assist in noncustodial parents apprehensions. Once a profile is made available to the general public, Fugitive Alerts are sent to individual's wireless phones who have subscribed to receive free fugitive alerts. A portion of the $3,500 apprehension fee is provided as a reward to anyone who provides information to assist in the noncustodial parent's apprehension. Callers may contact the fugitive recovery agent located on each noncustodial parent's Wanted Poster, which is available on each fugitive's profile. Profiles can be forwarded to confidential informants to save time in determining if a fugitive has been seen in an area.

Additional Services for Custodial Parents

Custodial parents seeking child support orders, may acquire the services of the Filing Program to obtain free filing instructions, or pay a small monthly fee to receive a comprehensive investigative report, to determine noncustodial parents addresses, employers, income and assets. Parents can obtain a child support order with the free instructions and locations of the regional Child Support Enforcement Agencies. Should the Office of Child Support not be able to collect a custodial parent's child support in accordance with a child support order, custodial parents who have purchased the investigative services, may receive all of the services of the Collection Program at no additional cost.
Services for Noncustodial Parents
Noncustodial parents may also acquire the Amnesty Program through C-Team Investigations, to obtain court orders to structure payment plans to pay their child support and spousal support arrears. Noncustodial parents may also receive the legal services to obtain a court order to reduce their child support and spousal support obligations. The Amnesty Program will also provide services to discharge arrest warrants, driver's license suspensions, tax liens, and passport revocations.
Several Fugitive Recovery Agencies Contracted
To date, forty eight (48) fugitive recovery agencies have been contracted with Bounty Alert to provide apprehension services for noncustodial parents with child support warrants, through Project Child Support. Several fugitive recovery agencies are establishing Child Support Assistance and Enforcement Programs through the Custodial Support Foundation's Project Child Support initiative. Many fugitive recovery agencies are going to enable parents to subscribe on their websites. Parents may subscribe to any of the services offered through Project Child Support by contacting Karl Ryans of C-Team Investigations at (973) 703-1845 or the Custodial Support Foundation.
The Custodial Support Foundation at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4375