Thursday, November 15, 2012

C-Team Investigations Team Up with Project Child Support to Provide Child Support Enforcement Services and to Apprehend Deadbeat Parents

Fugitive Recovery Agencies Can Now Offer Child Support Enforcement Services

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   ·  Noncustodial parents are being hunted down and apprehended
   ·  Fugitive's profiles are loaded in Bounty Alert's Fugitive Network
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 Child Support Enforcement Services
Project Child Support's Collection Program provides custodial parents with the most comprehensive child support collection services, when the Office of Child Support Enforcement cannot collect child support and spousal support arrears. To assist custodial parents who are owed arrears in obtaining Child Support Enforcement Orders, C-Team Investigations now provides a Child Support Assistance and Enforcement Program through the Custodial Support Foundation's services.   

Parents who are owed arrears, can subscribe to Collection Program to obtain investigative services, legal services, collection services and apprehension services.
Fees for Fugitive Recovery Agencies

The Child Support Enforcement Orders obtained by the Custodial Support Foundation, which C-Team Investigations was contracted to provide apprehension services, require the noncustodial parents to be responsible for paying up to $3,500 for their own apprehensions. The fees are awarded to all fugitive recovery agencies through Enforcement Orders, should noncustodial parents fail to pay all of their arrears and fees awarded within two (2) week after the orders are granted by the court (See: Page 2 Paragraph 3d). Fugitive recovery agents, who are also known as bounty hunter, can travel across state lines to apprehend fugitives. A noncustodial parent who owes arrears, can no longer move to another state to avoid their obligation, once enforcement orders provide fugitive recovery apprehension services and fees. The Enforcement Orders also enable noncustodial parents assets to be seized and liquidated to pay their arrears, service fees and apprehension fees.

About C-Team Investigations

Apprehension services are provided by C-Team Investigations for noncustodial parents who refuses to comply with Child Support Enforcement Order payment requirements, for C-Team Investigations' subscriptions. C-Team Investigations is a licensed Private Investigations and Fugitive Recovery Agency, whose fugitive recovery agents are armed to deal with violent fugitives in addition to noncustodial parents with child support warrants. The company was founded by John Edgecombe, who is the CEO and retired New York City Police Officer. "We don't carry paint guns like some bounty hunters on reality television shows". "Our agents are all licensed to carry fire arms, are excellent marksmen and can take down hardened fugitives". "We will hunt down noncustodial parents who have arrest warrants for failing to pay their child support arrears". "If you owe child support, I suggest you start taking care of your children, or we may be paying you a visit, said Mr. Edgecombe". In July of 2012, C-Team Investigations Agent Karl Ryans appeared as a guest on the Custodial Support Forum, which is the Nation's first weekly talk show that deals with the problems and solutions exclusively related to child support.
Mobile Phone Alerts & Rewards

Once an arrest warrant is issued, noncustodial parents' profiles are loaded into Bounty Alert's database, which may be made available to the general public to assist in noncustodial parents apprehensions. Once a profile is made available to the general public, Fugitive Alerts are sent to individual's wireless phones who have subscribed to receive free fugitive alerts. A portion of the $3,500 apprehension fee is provided as a reward to anyone who provides information to assist in the noncustodial parent's apprehension. Callers may contact the fugitive recovery agent located on each noncustodial parent's Wanted Poster, which is available on each fugitive's profile. Profiles can be forwarded to confidential informants to save time in determining if a fugitive has been seen in an area.

Additional Services for Custodial Parents

Custodial parents seeking child support orders, may acquire the services of the Filing Program to obtain free filing instructions, or pay a small monthly fee to receive a comprehensive investigative report, to determine noncustodial parents addresses, employers, income and assets. Parents can obtain a child support order with the free instructions and locations of the regional Child Support Enforcement Agencies. Should the Office of Child Support not be able to collect a custodial parent's child support in accordance with a child support order, custodial parents who have purchased the investigative services, may receive all of the services of the Collection Program at no additional cost.
Services for Noncustodial Parents
Noncustodial parents may also acquire the Amnesty Program through C-Team Investigations, to obtain court orders to structure payment plans to pay their child support and spousal support arrears. Noncustodial parents may also receive the legal services to obtain a court order to reduce their child support and spousal support obligations. The Amnesty Program will also provide services to discharge arrest warrants, driver's license suspensions, tax liens, and passport revocations.
Several Fugitive Recovery Agencies Contracted
To date, forty eight (48) fugitive recovery agencies have been contracted with Bounty Alert to provide apprehension services for noncustodial parents with child support warrants, through Project Child Support. Several fugitive recovery agencies are establishing Child Support Assistance and Enforcement Programs through the Custodial Support Foundation's Project Child Support initiative. Many fugitive recovery agencies are going to enable parents to subscribe on their websites. Parents may subscribe to any of the services offered through Project Child Support by contacting Karl Ryans of C-Team Investigations at (973) 703-1845 or the Custodial Support Foundation.
The Custodial Support Foundation at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4375


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