Monday, October 1, 2012

Court Grants Enforcement Order to Custodial Parent Owed Child Support who Subscribed to Custodial Support Foundation's Collection Program

Press Release:  For Immediate Release
A Child Support Enforcement Order grants the collection of investigative fees, legal fees, collection service fees, and apprehension service fees, to collect more than $41,000 in past due child support.
See Enforcement Order: Bolger vs. Bolger
United States - The Custodial Support Foundation and Bounty Alert have assisted in helping Cynthia Bolger of Seaside Heights, New Jersey in obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order to enable the seizure and liquidation of her former husband's assets to pay $41,501.00 in child support arrears.  The Enforcement Order requires the arrears, legal fees, Bounty Alert's service fee, and a collection agency fee of an additional ten percent (10%) to be paid by Kyle P. Bolger, to prevent any child support arrears from being collected as fees.  The Enforcement Order also includes an fugitive recovery agency fees to enable her former husband to be apprehended and transported to New Jersey, to comply with the arrest warrant should he not comply with the Enforcement Order.
Cynthia Bolger contacted the Custodial Support Foundation in March of 2012 and enrolled in their Collection Program, after previously giving up on being able to ever collect her child support arrears.  Unable to afford the nominal Collection Program's service fee of 13 payments of $30 per month, she was provided with the program at no cost when she confirmed her unemployment status.  Kai Patterson, who is the Founder, granted Cynthia Bolger the program at no cost, and immediately launched an investigation to determine the location, and assets of Cynthia's husband.  Patterson has been nominated to receive an achievement award from the "Phi Delta Kappa" National Teachers Sorority, for his community service.  "After our initial investigation, Cynthia Bolger executed a documents that certified she believed Kyle Bolger's parents were helping him hide his assets".  "We just completed filming the 5th Episode of our Custodial Support Forum weekly talk show, which dealt actions custodial parents can take when noncustodial parents are being assisted by others to not pay child support", said Patterson.  The episode teaches to include the individuals who help hide the income and assets of noncustodial parents, as Defendants in the Motions for Enforcement Orders.  Family Law Attorney, Alexandra Stremler also provided legal services at no upfront cost to Cynthia Bolger, and was granted legal fees that are required to be paid by Kyle P. Bolger in the Enforcement Order.  Once the Enforcement Order is granted by the court, everyone's assets can be seized to pay the arrears.  "I want to thank the Judge for having insight to grant all of the terms and conditions filed in the Motion for Miss Bolger, which will enable the arrears to be collected without any portion being applied as fees", said Patterson.  The Collection Program's service model was constructed to require noncustodial parents to be responsible for the payment and repayment of all fees, to enable custodial parents to afford the services.
Bounty Alert was contracted by the Custodial Support Foundation, was granted its service fees in the Enforcement Order, and contracted the services of C-Team Investigators to provide fugitive recovery services. The fugitive recovery fees were granted by the court to hunt down and apprehend Kyle P. Bolger, should he fail to comply with the Enforcement Order, pay the arrears and pay all fees.  Episode 6 of the Custodial Support Forum, featured one of C-Team Investigator's Fugitive Recovery Agents, and explained the apprehension services available through the program to apprehend noncustodial parents with arrest warrants.  The Enforcement Order was sent to an unnamed collection agency, which has a 91% success rate in collecting accounts with Enforcement Orders.  The collection agency will take the steps to levy and seize the assets of Kyle P. Bolger to pay Cynthia's arrears and all fees, should he not comply with the Enforcement Order.  The collection process was explained in Episode 4 of the Custodial Support Forum, which includes seizure and liquidation services not performed by the Office of Child Support Enforcement, to pay child support arrears and all fees.
Cynthia Bolger has thanked the Custodial Support Foundation for their vision and effort to help her obtain an Enforcement Order, and taking the actions to collect her arrears.  She intends to write a letter to endorse the Custodial Support Foundation and Bounty Alert to every parent owed child support arrears.  The Custodial Support Foundation will begin providing its services to custodial parents who are victims of domestic violence and owed child support arrears for the Bergen County Department of Human Resources.  The Custodial Support Foundation is accepting grants and donations to service no less than 50 custodial parents who are victims of domestic violence, owed child support arrears, and are unemployed.  "There is nothing that makes me more angry than a noncustodial parent who will not take care of his children and beats on a woman", said Patterson. 
Parents can call the Custodial Support Foundation's 24-Hour Call Center to receive a free assessment or to subscribe to the Collection Program if they are owed arrears, or the Amnesty Program if they owe arrears, by calling (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357.
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