Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bounty Alert Launches an Online Deadbeat and Fugitive Apprehension Application for Smartphones, PC and Mac!

Free Wanted Deadbeat & Fugitive Mobile Phone
and Internet Application at BountyAlert.com

Breaking News:       
·         Deadbeat and Fugitive Database Search Tools
·         Setup Deadbeat and Fugitive Alerts for Up to 5 Regions
·         Free Smartphone Deadbeat & Fugitive Application
·         Special Formats for iPhones, Androids & Desktops
·         Automatically Formats to Smartphones or Desktops
·         No Downloads Required

Website: BountyAlert.com
No longer can noncustodial parents who owe child support arrears take comfort in knowing their arrest warrants are only being stored in police databases. 
To enable the general public to assist in the collection efforts of Project Child Support, Bounty Alert has launched a mobile phone website to compliment the Bounty Alert website.  The website currently determines if a user is accessing the site via a mobile phone or personal computer.  The mobile phone modules within Bounty Alert's website dynamically access application screens formatted for Android and iPhone users.  Bounty Alert's mobile phone and internet application was created to assist in the collection of over $110 billion dollars currently owed in child support arrears within the United States (See:   110 Billion Dollars Is Owed). 

Nearly half of that figure (49%) is paid by tax payers to support children on public assistance (See: Taxes Pay Half of Child Support Arrears).  Now the general public can receive deadbeat alerts, assess their profiles, and assist in their arrests.  Bounty Alert's application enables each user to setup up to five (5) regions, by zip codes and mile radiuses to receive text message and e-mail alerts.  Each alert contains a hyperlink to access the fugitive's profile, with pictures, last known address, and the police department to assist in their apprehension.  User who provide information to assist in the apprehension of deadbeats and fugitives whose profiles are displayed, can receive rewards provided by law enforcement agencies or the Custodial Support Foundation.

Project Child Support's Collection Program provides custodial parents who are owed arrears with investigative services to locate noncustodial parents, their assets and income (See: The Collection Program).  Program also provides legal services to enable custodial parents to obtain a child support order.  Once the order has been issued, collection services and apprehension services are also offered at no cost to custodial parents.  When custodial parents are granted Child Support Enforcement Orders, many times judges will require payment of the arrears within two weeks before issuing arrest warrants.  Any custodial parent who is owed child support or spousal support arrears can obtain Enforcement Order though the Collection Program.  Once an Enforcement Order is obtained by a custodial parent through the Collection Program, a noncustodial parent is provided with an opportunity to pay their arrears to prevent an arrest warrant from being issued and their profile from being listed in the Bounty Alert database.  To avoid the embarrassment of being listed in a application that is accessible to anyone with a wireless phone or computer, many noncustodial parents immediately pay their arrears.  Once their arrears are paid, their arrest warrants are discharged, but some noncustodial parents will only pay their arrears after being arrested and forced to pay through the penal system.   

Noncustodial parents with arrest warrants, suspended driver's licenses, revoked passports, and levies can subscribe to Project Child Support's Amnesty Program, which provide cost effective legal services, credit restoration services and free job placement services (See: The Amnesty Program).  Noncustodial parents may also receive legal services to obtain a downward modification of their child support obligation, if their circumstances have changes to prevent the payment of their obligation.  The Collection Program and Amnesty Program were created to assist in the payment of child support by helping both custodial and noncustodial parents.  "We are not just looking to provide services to apprehend noncustodial parents who owe arrears", said Kai Patterson, who is Project Child Support's Founder and Bounty Alert's CEO.  "We understand that sometimes it's necessary to assist in a noncustodial parent's arrest to prevent custodial parents from waiting years to collect their arrears, if ever", says Patterson.

Bounty Alert's 24-Hour Call Center enables the general public provide anonymous tips to assist in the apprehension of deadbeats and fugitives with arrest warrants.  Callers may choose to not provide their name, and will be notified via a text message and e-mail alert once the arrest has taken place.  Callers who provide information to assist in arrests can receive rewards paid at over 44,000 Western Union locations, once they are provided with a password to receive their reward.  Custodial parents who are owed arrears, and noncustodial parents who owe arrears can receive the services of Project Child Support by visiting the website at ProjectChildSupport.org.  Anyone who wishes to view deadbeat and fugitive profiles, or receive alerts can visit Bounty Alert's website at BountyAlert.com.

Media Contact Information:

Kai D. Patterson
CEO and President
Project Child Support, Inc.
James E. Dow.
Project Child Support

Project Child Support at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357
or via e-mail at support@projectchildsupport.com

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