Thursday, June 26, 2014

Project Child Support Launches A New Service To Fix A Huge Flaw In The Child Support System That Destroys Noncustodial Parents’ Credit

Breaking News:  A Flaw in the Child Support System Destroys the Credit of Noncustodial Parents is Identified in this Release   

New York, New York – When noncustodial parents’ income circumstances change to warrant a reduction of their child support obligations, in accordance with their state’s child support payment guidelines, they must obtain new child support orders, which can take months. 

The Problem

Before most judges will grant what is known as a “downward modification”, which is a reduced child support payment obligation, noncustodial parents are required to provide several paystubs that show their earnings have been significantly reduced.  If a noncustodial parent is unemployed at the time they attempt to obtain a downward modification, their requests are denied in most cases and they are required to demonstrate to the court they are unable to obtain a job that generates earnings equivalent to the job they lost.  Once noncustodial parents are able to demonstrate to the court they are eligible for a downward modification, they have accumulated considerable arrears.  If noncustodial parents have not accumulated arrears, even if their circumstances warrant a downward modification, they may be denied because they have proven they can maintain their current child support obligation.  Once noncustodial parents accumulate child support arrears, the Office of Child Support Enforcement reports their delinquent payment history to all three credit bureaus.  To make matters worse, Supreme Court laws like Lepis v. Lepis, and requiring 18 months before granting modifications, prevent noncustodial parents from receiving downward modifications until their new circumstances are deemed to be permanent, thus healthy credit profiles are destroyed.  Many judges, who issue court orders granting downward modifications, include provisions that enable noncustodial parents to pay their arrears over time, but no provisions are provided to repair a noncustodial parent’s credit destroyed by the child support system.

The Real Questions

Individuals who have poor credit profiles are denied loans, employment, automobiles, mortgages, and denied the ability to simply rent an apartment.  Derogatory child support information, and child support judgments on noncustodial parents’ credit profiles, immediately label them as “deadbeat parents” who don’t take care of their children.  How do millions of noncustodial parents, who have derogatory child support information or child support judgments on their credit profiles, convince employers they are not irresponsible deadbeats who neglect their children?  What happens when that employer, loan officer, auto finance manager, or rental office manager happens to be a single custodial parent?  Although we all know the answer to this question, the real question is how does a noncustodial parent prevent or fix this problem?  Are we helping noncustodial parents pay their child support arrears if we damage their ability to obtain employment, promotions, etc.?

The Solution: Project Child Support Teams Up with Kredit Koncepts

Until laws are passed that require derogatory child support information and judgments provided to credit bureaus be removed when a noncustodial parent’s circumstances warrant a downward modification, noncustodial parents must seek private legal and credit restoration services.  Once a noncustodial parent obtains a new court order that modifies an order associated with any derogatory child support information or child support judgment on their credit report, Project Child Support will provide services to enable Kredit Koncepts to have the information removed.  Kredit Koncetps is a full service credit restoration company that provides services to remove erroneous and derogatory credit information from their customer’s three credit bureaus.  The new program will be called the “Amnesty Program with Credit Restoration Services”.  In addition to providing services to assist noncustodial parents in obtaining court orders to restructure their child support obligations and arrears, the Project Child Support initiative provides the following services through its Amnesty Program:

- Noncustodial parents are provided with employment agencies to help them obtain employment and to confirm they are seeking employment

- Noncustodial parents receive letters for prospective employers that explain the circumstances relating to their arrears, to increase their chances of obtaining employment

- Noncustodial parents receive credit analysis and service to remove derogatory information that warrants removal, including any errors  

- Once noncustodial parents receive a new court order, they will receive the credit restoration services at no additional cost to remove their derogatory child support information from their credit profile

To support the demand the Amnesty Program with Credit Restoration Service will generate, Project Child Support is gearing up to support an average of 400 noncustodial parent accounts per month from Kredit Koncepts.  Project Child Support will receive accounts from Kredit Koncepts that need the services of the Amnesty Program, and Kredit Koncepts will receive accounts from Project Child Support who need credit restoration services.  “When seeking a court order for a downward modification or for the restructure of arrears, noncustodial parents also need investigative services to confirm they do not have any additional revenue streams they are hiding.  The also need legal services to obtain a court order to structure the payment of their arrears, and stop enforcement actions.  The restoration of driver’s licenses, the discharge of arrest warrants, and the discharges of levies are the type of enforcement actions the Amnesty Program can provide.  Since we know how to assist custodial parents in collecting their arrears though our Collection Program, we know how to help noncustodial parents and understand the flaws within the system.  When the laws and procedures were created to require noncustodial parents to wait months before granting them downward modifications, it was not taken into consideration the damages they would incur.  Our new program was created to repair those damages” says Kai D. Patterson, Founder of Project Child Support. 

Kai D. Patterson created Project Child Support in honor of his mother, who was unable to collect child support from Mr. Patterson’s father, which provides affordable and free services to parents (See: Patterson’s Story).  The program provides a 24-hour call center to enable custodial and noncustodial parents to schedule consultations and receive assistance by calling 855-851-HELP (4357).

Project Child Support at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357
or via e-mail at

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