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Parents Endorse the Custodial Support Foundation

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In response to its mission to provide custodial and noncustodial parents with child support assistance services, the Custodial Support Foundation received endorsements from custodial and noncustodial parents for the organization's services.

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·         Custodial Parent Endorsement

The Custodial Support Foundation was initially founded to assist custodial parents in collecting child support arrears by providing investigative, legal, collection, apprehension and refund services.  The legal services enable custodial parents to obtain an Enforcement Order to grant the Custodial Support Foundation's contracted collection agency the right to seize and liquidate noncustodial parent's assets who refuse to pay their arrears.  The Custodial Support Foundation started an Amnesty Program to assist noncustodial parents that want to pay their child support arrears without dealing with the repercussions of their actions, which include receiving arrests warrants, driver licenses suspensions, tax liens, passport revocations and the loss of their assets.

Noncustodial Parents Are Being Arrested for Losing Their Jobs

Noncustodial parents are being arrested for failing to pay child support at an alarming rate in America.  "While providing services to custodial parents, we learned of several custodial parents who did not have any child support related issued until they lost their jobs as a result of America's shrinking economy", said Founder Kai Patterson.  "These noncustodial parents were good law abiding citizens, without any criminal histories, until they lost their jobs and could not fulfill their current child support obligation".  What the Foundation also learned was these noncustodial parents attempted to obtain reductions in their child support obligations, but were denied because they had not been unemployed or were underemployed for at least 18 months.  Some noncustodial parents were required to maintain their original child support obligations for 24 months after losing their jobs.  Ultimately, the obligations caused these noncustodial parents to have judgments placed on their credit reports.  They were also issued arrest warrants for the arrears that accumulated as a result of an obligation they could no longer maintain.  "Although Debtors' Prisons were abolished in this country nearly a century ago, it is alive and well under the child support system", said one noncustodial parent who was finally released from the Bergen County Jail, after receiving assistance from the Custodial Support Foundation.

The attorneys that provide legal services for the Custodial Support Foundation's Amnesty Program clients examine their history, and provide judges with reasonable payment structures to enable noncustodial parents to search for employment through job placement agencies.  Employment agencies enable noncustodial parents to provide proof of their efforts to find a job.  "So far we have been able to have everyone of our clients released from jail and receive payment terms they can meet by the court to enable their release", said President and Attorney Alexandra Stremler.  "We do not let noncustodial parents use the services of the Amnesty Program to avoid their obligations", said Kai Patterson.  "Noncustodial parents must submit to a background check, and must enter into a default enforcement order in the event they default on their obligation to us and custodial parents".  Currently a noncustodial parent can lose their job, collect unemployment through the government while they are searching for employment, but cannot have their child support obligation lowered to meet their unemployment compensation they are receiving.

Weekly Talk Show to Assist Parents

The Custodial Support Foundation also has a weekly television workshop to discuss problems and provide solutions for custodial and noncustodial parents with child support related issues.  The first six episodes were dedicated to dealing with problems and solutions for custodial parents not receiving adequate child support.  "We have also dedicated two episodes to issues related to noncustodial parents, our Amnesty Program and what noncustodial parents should do if they become unemployed and are paying child support to avoid getting arrested", said Founder and Host Kai Patterson.  The episodes will be released on August 4, 2012 the Custodial Support Foundation's Website, YouTube and will air on Cablevision beginning August 11, 2012.

Parents can call the Custodial Support Foundation's 24-Hour Call Center to receive a free assessment or to subscribe to the Collection Program or Amnesty Program by calling (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357.  

Media Contact Information:

Kai Patterson
Founder and Co-Host
Phone: (201) 800-1911
Alexandra Stremler, Esq.
Legal Analyst and Co-Host
Phone: (201) 263-0122

The Custodial Support Foundation at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357
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  1. The problem of child support in the US has been unaddressed for far too long. It is refreshing to see that the issues plaguing both Custodial and Non-Custodial parents are brought to light by the Custodial Support Foundation in this type of open forum. What's really great, is that not only are the issues brought to light, but viable working solutions for parents on both sides of the child support coin, now have access to the possibility of a better quality of life for their childeren