Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Child Support Assistance Services For Custodial Parents


Private Investigation, Legal, Collection, Seizure,
Liquidation, and Apprehension Services Provided

United States - The Custodial Support Foundation has begun servicing custodial parents owed child support with the most comprehensive program and cost effective service to enable custodial parents to seize and liquidate noncustodial parent's assets that owe child support arrears.  For less than $1 per day, a working custodial parent can receive private investigative services to locate a noncustodial parent, their income and assets.  They also receive legal services to obtain a court order to seize and liquidate a noncustodial parent's assets, and collection services that will not take a portion of their child support arrears.  Unemployed custodial parents can receive the program at no cost through sponsors on a first come basis. 

24-Hour Call Center: (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357,

To assist the more than 37.5 million custodial parents owed child support that don't have the ability to hire a private investigation firm to locate the noncustodial parents of the children's assets, retain an attorney to get a court order to seize and liquidate the assets, pay a collection agency a portion of their child support arrears to seize and liquidate the assets, the Custodial Support Foundation now provides a cost effective and free program to assist custodial parents.  Once a custodial parent receives an enforcement order to seize and liquidate a noncustodial parent's assets against an existing child support order, every time a noncustodial accumulates arrears, their assets can be seized with the same court order.  Now a custodial parent has the power to ensure their children receive their child support.

Over 100 Billion Owed in Arrears

In 2011, child support arrears reach over $100 billion within the United States, and the numbers are growing each year.  More than 12.5 million custodial parents have child support orders, but are owed child support, because the Office of Child Support Enforcement can't locate noncustodial parents, their income and their assets.  More than 25 million custodial parents are owed child support, but have never filed to receive a child support order to receive structured child support payments through their regional Office of Child Support Enforcement.  It is estimated that more than 75% of all noncustodial parents that owe child support arrears can afford to pay the arrears.

Capturing Noncustodial Parents with Child Support Warrants

To assist in apprehension of noncustodial parents with child support warrants, the Custodial Support Foundation has contracted more than 34 fugitive recovery agencies throughout the United States and its territories to hunt down, apprehend and extradite noncustodial parents to the states holding the warrants and child support orders that are in contempt.  Instead of waiting until noncustodial parents are stopped by police for another reason, while children are waiting to receive the child support, the Custodial Support Foundation has contracted Bounty Alert to contract fugitive recovery agents.  The services fees are paid through the court order issued with the assistance of the legal services provided to have the noncustodial parents assets seized and liquidated.

Benefits Unlike Any Other Program

"The program is cutting edge and uses all of the existing laws and services available to help children get the support they need and deserve", says Bounty Alert's COO and General Counsel, Attorney David M. Cooke.  Bounty Alert formed the Custodial Support Foundation to also provide outreach and charitable services to assist the more than 25 million custodial parents file through its Filing Program.  The Collection Program was created for custodial parents with child support orders and owed arrears.  

The Collection Program services provided are as follows: 
          • Private Investigators to Locate Noncustodial Parents and Assets          
          • Motions to Seize and Liquidate Noncustodial Parent's Assets
          • Collections and Seizures to Pay 100% of All Child Support Arrears
          • Collections to Refund of All Fees and Expenses
          • Certifications Prepared to Issue Arrest Warrants for Arrears
          • Arrest & Extradition of Noncustodial Parents with Warrants Anywhere in U.S

Assisting Noncustodial Parents Pay Arrears

In addition to assisting custodial parents, the Custodial Support Foundation helps noncustodial parents establish payment program to repay their arrears and the program's service fees they are required to pay through court orders.  "Our goal is to assist in the collection of child support and not to maliciously go after noncustodial parents", according to Attorney David M. Cooke.  The Custodial Support Foundation also prevented a noncustodial parent from being arrested that had lost their job in August of 2011 and established a payment arrangements once the he was employed. 

Uncovering Hidden Accounts and Assets

No longer can a noncustodial parent pretend like they can't pay their arrears and attempt to play on the sympathy of the court.  Many times noncustodial parents get arrested, pretend they have no income or assets, and are eventually released.  Now their assets can be seized, including bank accounts, cars, furniture, jewelry, electronics, property, stock and businesses.  "We also make use of the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, to help prosecute individuals that help noncustodial parents hide their income and assets, which are federal crimes", says Attorney David Cooke.  Bounty Alert will also acquire subpoenas to verify assets are hidden in the names of others, and turn the records over to the authorities, with certifications from private investigators.  The program makes it more difficult for noncustodial parents and those that help them not pay child support, which helps children get the child support they deserve.  For more information, please visit www.CustodialSupport.org.

The Custodial Support Foundation at (855) 851-HELP or (855) 851-4357
or via e-mail at support@custodialsupport.org


  1. Absolutely, Positively, Uber Fantastic! C-Team Investigations NY & NJ License Private Investigators.

  2. I think this is a GREAT program and can't wait to use your services for my sons deadbeat father (Stephen Jacques) aka Steve Rene

  3. I have for so long studied the "Court Order's". I read them, over and over again, and have come to realize...Once signed by a Circuit Court Judge, it is a legal and binding document that state's: the ___ amount is due every month (30 days). Does not state "possible amount, minimum due, best attempt". This is the amount due...PERIOD. If you DO NOT pay this, it is CONTEMPT OF COURT AND PUNISHABLE BY LAW. Well, It is clear that FOC see's this as "just a piece of paper" and THERE IS A VERY OBVIOUS GRACE PERIOD...CALLED 90 DAYS. DIDN'T SEE THAT IN THE FINE PRINT...PLUS DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE! So why is it happening every 31 days and the payor is not held in contempt? Please let us all know if anyone can explain this. All I know is in any other court...let's say for example...you get a DUI...you don't pay, attend your REQUIRED classes, do whatever else is ORDERED within the TIME ORDERED...you are back to jail, don't pass go, don't collect $200!!! Share and Like if you agree...Please help promote this site...I promise it will make a difference to someone in your life, even if you don't realize it!